Now Create – Deliver Successful Projects

Now Create is a new Framework to provide guidance on how to deliver successful projects on the ServiceNow Platform, gained from the insights and learnings of thousands of successful projects.

With Now Create, you are able to find methodologies for implementation, upgrade, enhancement, and landscape optimization projects. Assets containing detailed product specific guidance are attached to the methodology right where you need them.

The system also provides project related templates to accelerate execution, such as project charter, project report, raid logs, and many others. In Now Create, this collection of methodology and assets is called a success pack. A success pack is designed to deliver a specific successful project outcome, for example, an ITSM implementation or CSM upgrade.

Who Benefits from Now Create?

Every single person involved in the scoping and delivery of a ServiceNow project can benefit from Now Create. It doesn’t matter how technical your role is or which organization you belong to. Now Create is designed for everyone.

Before starting your project, Now Create’s content will guide you to define activities, skills, and resources required for success. This will support the definition of business cases, as well as allowing customers, partners, and ServiceNow teams to optimize the combined team resourcing.

Now Create provides an intuitive and simple way to explore the steps for successful project execution. During the first ServiceNow project, Now Create will act as a great companion as you ramp up. For seasoned ServiceNow practitioners, Now Create’s vast library of detailed and evergreen leading practices will keep you at the top of your game.

The system’s structured processes and leading practice assets drive higher quality and more predictable results with a faster time to value. By removing uncertainty, Now Create also reduces anxiety withing project teams. All of this reduces project risk and creates amazing business outcomes.

How Now Create Works

Within Now Create you can search for the right success pack for your project. You can use the fi lters or text based search to locate  the right success pack and then dive in to learn about the details of it.

After you discovered the right success pack for you, you can explore this success pack. The project follows hybrid waterfall methodology with sequential project phases and exit gates coupled with agile scrum development in the execution phase.

To learn more about any of the tasks on the overview page, simply click into it, and you will be presented with the task level details telling you why this is executed and the risk of not executing it.

On the Success Pack Overview page, you also can choose to download the success pack for loading into ServiceNow’s ITBM PPM product or other project execution tools.

How can I Access Now Create?

Now Create is part of the Now Learning Portal. However it can’t be found easily on the homepage, so I would recommend to directly access the Now Create homepage by visiting