ServiceNow and Generation Z – the perfect fit?

Generation Z. Most people associate it with a ‘lazy’, ‘difficult’ or simply ‘another’ generation. They are considered disinterested and addicted to smartphones. What happens to the world of working when this generation enters?

Let’s take a closer look at the Generation Z. It extends mainly between the years 1997 to 2012, in which they were born. The first ones have already entered into the world of working, while the others will not enter the working world for a few years.

But: what is important to the Generation Z?

For most of them, it’s not work, a steep career or financial wealth that is important, but time for the family, personal freedom, self-fulfillment and, of course, having fun in life is.

They don’t want to spend a lot of time at work with manual processes, and they don’t want to rack their brains over open tasks. They want to live a relaxed life and experience many exciting things – and all this without the stress of work.

The first ‘digital natives’ – that describes it quite well. Almost everyone in the Generation Z has been involved with digital media since childhood and has been influenced by it – whether through television, the Internet, smartphones, etc. – so they are ‘fit’ in the new technologies.

They are more than familiar with the media. They know how to work efficiently with notebooks, smartphones, apps and co. Most of them ask themselves very early on when they start something ‘can’t this be done by smartphone?’. And it is exactly this thought that makes them masters of digitalization!

What does this have to do with ServiceNow? Very simple: ServiceNow wants to make working life easier in many areas due to the motto ‘make work, work better for people’. Who, if not Generation Z, would be best suited for this? ServiceNow offers a modern platform with extensive functionalities. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Flows, Workflows, Mobile Apps and numerous integrations are only a small list of the platform capabilities.

Working life is becoming more and more mobile. Everything has to be done on the go. An unbelievable amount has to be done in an unbelievably short time. By touching digital media at an early age, Generation Z fits perfectly with ServiceNow because both share the same passion.

I’m very excited to see how Generation Z makes working life easier with ServiceNow.